A healthcare brand’s master plan to strengthen their position in the industry


1: Identify current performance inefficiencies and develop a roadmap to help brand teams focus their efforts and investments in the right area.
2: Determine current position in the digital market and develop a strategic roadmap to help improve the digital footprint of the brand.


1: Digital Maturity assessment to understand what digital means to the business.
2: Conduct an audit of all digital assets to identify performance issues.
3: Build a forward looking roadmap to help the business evaluate digital efforts and investment areas.


1: Digital Maturity assessment highlighted key discrepancies between leadership and executional teams understanding of
a) The current business objective vs digital objective
b) Lack of organizational structures and leadership to own digital initiatives

2: Quantitative and Qualitative Digital Audit was conducted by subject matter experts in 4 key areas in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of all digital assets and highlight areas for improvement.
a) Social Media Audit
b) Performance Marketing Audit
c) Technical Audit
d) SEO Audit

3: Desk research was conducted to help
a) Identify current traditional and digital competitors.
b) Competitors spend, presence and strategy on digital.
c) Current consumer trends observed in the category.
d) Threats to current business practices.

4: Roadmap
a) Decipher current business practices and future of healthcare on digital.
b) Strategic ideas on how to battle the bigger challenges of the business through digital initiatives.
c)Presented a detailed roadmap on improvement and investment areas to focus on per quarter.


1: Helped understand the need for a dedicated team for digital initiatives.
2: Developed and aligned all marketing and digital teams on business objective and digital initiatives to focus on.
3: Developed a more accurate budget for key investment areas.
4: Developed KPI’s for measurement of all digital initiatives.
5: Made necessary changes to restrictive contracts of digital partners.
6: Gained more control and transparency to their own assets and data.
7: Received a detailed action plan for digital teams.