Role of Data Analytics Manager

Research Approach, Implementation of Tools, Translate raw data into business insights, Management of research projects

The role of an analytics manager is to take responsibility for the research projects and to support the planning, development, and delivery of the project.

In particular, you will be responsible for executing marquee research and data analytics projects by building a strategic approach for the project, designing the methodology using relevant industry tools/coordinating with agency partners for data collection and analyzing raw data into business intelligence.
To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be very process oriented, communicate well and multi-task under tight deadlines. You will need a solution mindset and collaborative approach. You will be expected to manage a geographically distributed team remotely.

Your goal will be to ensure we deliver intelligence by approaching the business problem creatively;

You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality. You must enjoy spending time studying consumer behaviors, different markets and industries while understanding how these developments can be put to use in solving problems of our customers in an innovative and scalable manner.

Role, Responsibility and Deliverables of Data Analytics Manager

Responsible for structuring and completing all analytics and research project.

1. Responsibilities in relation to project onboarding: 

KPI: Project Conversion 
- Understand business challenges, needs and objectives
- Designing the ideal approach and structure for research projects.
- Structure services and solutions.
- Developing strategies for effective data analysis and reporting. 
- Asses business information and analyse primary data e.g. customer data, traffic data, financial revenue and expenditure data.
- Stay up to date with current technologies and trends in analytics tools and applications.

2. Responsibilities in relation to ongoing projects and its management:

KPI: Project Completion Rate
- Develop a strategic and tactical project roadmap that is in line with agreed upon scope of work, budgets, and timelines.
- Maintain processes by enforcing strict documentation and process rules.
- Analyze information to extract intelligence and develop a well-structured report.
- Conduct the secondary research and interviews
- Prepare questionnaires for primary research
- Co-ordinate with data collection partners
- Analyse the raw data and extract business intelligence
- Develop and present the final report
- Selecting, configuring, and implementing analytical tools
- Oversee all analytics operations to correct discrepancies and ensure quality.

Responsibilities in relation to project completion.

KPI: Client Satisfaction, Client Retention
- Handover files as per contract deliverables.
- Ensure that deliverable documents are in-line with client expectations and the output meets our values of excellence.
- Identify opportunities for further/ on-going client engagement.
- Ensure promised timelines and expectations are met with all clients.
- Manage daily, weekly, and monthly account analytics, implementation, and performance for retainer clients.
- Report on service ROI.
- Keep abreast of industry news and trends. Apply industry knowledge to interpret data and improve performance.

Core Competencies for all Doyens

1. Business & Financial Acumen
- Fluency in comprehending, tracking, and maintaining financial data
- Keenness in understanding Client business with the aim at linking team efforts with Client revenue

2. Leadership & Team Management
- Lead by example & mentor team members
- Keep team members always motivated
- Ensure quality resources are brought on board
- Provide appropriate level of feedback concerning team progress (via performance reviews and on the job feedback)

3. Industry Knowledge
- Monitor competitor offerings and identify potential business avenues.
- Update self and the team on the latest industry trends and reports Customer Focus.
- Keep client needs in mind while framing strategies.
- Timely resolution of client escalations.

4. Planning & Organizing
- Tactfully priorities tasks and projects to manage work across projects.
- Deliver quality work within deadlines with the available resources Communication.
- Excellent written and verbal skills.
- Ability to clearly articulate complex ideas and strategies to clients and the team.
- Ability to sell work and ideas, and respond positively to feedback

What You Need for this Position

- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required
- Specialization in Data Analytics/ Business analytics/ Data Science.
- Clean employment track record.
- 3+ years of data analytics and management experience required with a proven track record of successfully completing project life cycle.
- Direct experience in market research and data analytics role.
- Results-oriented.
- Attention to detail in interpreting raw data into actionable insights.
- Written, and verbal communication skills are critical.
- Experience, analyzing and interpreting consumer and customer insights. - Ability to translate qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights.
- Experience with analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Data studio, Clicktracks, web trends, Core metrics, Crashlytics, Unmetric, Amazon Pi and others.
- A collaborative approach and willingness to engage in an environment of active idea sharing.
- Proven & demonstrable experience of being able to work under pressure and multi-task. Should be comfortable with handling pressure since the role demands it.

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