Journey to Becoming a Sustainable Paperless Company.



As part of the sustainable journey, one of the key objectives of the company was to become a paperless organization.


Build a roadmap to provide the company with the most suitable Document Management System. By assessing and exploring digital transformation opportunities through workshops and obtaining an in-depth understanding of company processes.


We spoke to HOD's of each department and conducted 10 workshops that encompassed all 14 departments. Each workshop was designed to understand and learn more about processes, bottlenecks and other issues that hinder the streamlining of all operations. We identified problem areas in the life cycle of the documents and suggested solutions to combat the same. Our goal was to map-out the areas that require DMS interventions and introduce a suitable DMS into the fray to ensure the best possible outcome.


After assessing pro’s and con’s of Build vs buy model, we analyzed multiple solutions and presented a DMS solution whose features and adaptability suited the company's requirements that offered superlative services and integration capabilities.


To be assessed