A Medical Equipment Company's Initiative to Become Digitally Matured


Understand the digital landscape to become a more digitally inclined company.


1: Help the team understand the digital landscape. 2: Guide the team to create a suitable digital strategy and roadmap. 3:Prepare the team to better leverage digital in order to meet business objectives


1: Understand the current digital maturity of the team.
2: Conduct an “Introduction to Digital” workshop that will give the team a better understanding of the digital landscape.
3: Expose the team on how business have leveraged digital to meet business objectives.
4: Teach the team on how to apply strategies to meet their own business objectives.
5: Guide the team to build their own digital roadmap


1: The digital maturity test addressed the lack of clear business vision and difference in the understanding of business goals amongst leadership teams thus identifying the need to first align the team to define clear goals.
2: Introduce the teams to some of the basic data points to help them understand the breadth and depth of the digital landscape.
3: Explain the 5 key steps to planning and executing a digital marketing strategy.
4: Expose them to different strategies along with relevant case studies that could guide their own strategy.
5: Introduce them to the Channels and Principles of Digital Advertising Mix and help address how they could define their own.
6: Understanding Organization’s current Challenges.
7: Define Intervention touchpoints and assist the team in building their own roadmap


To Be Assessed.