A home furnishing brand’s efforts to improve business penetration in the Middle East by understanding consumer needs of each retail partner


A home furnishing manufacturing brand wanted to improve its business penetration in the Middle Eastern countries through their retail partners.

The objective of this research is to understand the perception and need of the Middle Eastern customer with respect to Home Centre products such as - towel, flat sheet, comforters, duvets, rugs, filled pillows, pillow covers, and mattress protectors.


Conduct a consumer research to understand the perception, need, trigger and barriers of the Middle Eastern customer with respect to home furnishing products.


Respondents profile for the research was defined and a framework was created for the extensive on ground research across partnered retailers to understand the below given parameters: 1:Market Overview 2:Consumer Insights 3:Channel Wise Attribute Analysis 4:Preferred brands & stores 5:Product Preferences 6:Attitude & Usage 7:Spend on products 8:Consumer satisfaction, experience and buying behaviour 9:Online and offline buying behaviour 10:Retailer insights 11:Category analysis 12:Market Dynamics


1: Detailed Consumer insight helped the business select the ideal product list from the comprehensive catalogue that had the potential to increase topline sales.
2: The study helped identify the fundamental product attributes (quality, comfort, material) that still play a significant role for consumers that would help internal product innovation teams meet consumer expectations.
3: Highlighted preferred price points that defined their pricing strategy.
4: Highlighted frequency of purchase for each category that guided the businesses predictive modeling.
5: Extracted insights for potential service additions retailers could adopt to improve their overall business performance - thus improving business relationships with retailers in the Middle East.


1: Improved product selection
2: Data backed briefing for innovation teams
3: Improved pricing strategy
4: Improved accuracy of predictive modelling
5: Improved business relations with retail partners