A Financial Company’s Marketing Automation Journey Through Virtual Cmo Services


Establish a strong digital footprint for customer leads and device a mechanism to maximize conversions.


Placed a virtual CMO to identify challenges in the consumer journey from awareness to conversion, build a roadmap to improve the digital conversions rates, execute to improve business performance.


Some of the challenges identified were:
1: Issues with website speed, server, codes and page load time affecting campaign performance.
2: Lack of UTM mapping limited media agencies from optimising their campaigns.
3: Lack of structured reporting lead to mishandling of leads.
4: Lack of lead management systems made it difficult for the call center to manage lead volumes.
5: Lack of Marketing Automation caused a delay in leads being contacted on the same day.


1: Solved all the technical issues related to page speeds, server, codes etc.
2: Scaled Server capacity, and deployed additional bandwidth before campaign peak.
3: Implemented Google Data Studio for conversion/funnel tracking.
4: Created a structured reporting system to bifurcate lead disposition eg: Transacted, call not answered, interested, fill details, Not interested etc.
5: Mapped leads at source and campaign level to optimise agency efforts.
6: Created end-to-end marketing automation of lead management via notify visitors and customized LMS (Lead Management System).
7: Trained and skilled call center resources to optimise lead management.


1: 5.58L New users visited the Landing Page.
2: 8.87L Sessions were recorded via Google Analytics.
3: Maximum users and sessions were recorded via Google-GDN campaigns.
4: Decreased bounce rate as compared to previous marketing campaigns.
5: For the first time the business could track Campaign Funnel.